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Obituary for Ronald James "Ron" Larson

Ronald Larson of Chanhassen, MN passed away on December 31, 2022 at the age of 79. He was born
June 7, 1943 in Minneapolis, MN to Harry & Ethel Larson. He joined the Navy in his early 20’s and was
stationed in San Diego, CA. Much of his enlisted time was aboard the USS Sperry; a submarine tender.
During his working days, he worked as a machinist. He was married for a short time to Kathleen and had
his only daughter, Dawn. He also spent some time as a second dad to Jim & Michelle as they were
growing up. He lived with his sister Barb for a time and was a good uncle to his nieces and nephew. And
he was blessed to have a beautiful granddaughter, Nicole.

A great passion of his life (for 30+ years) was his getting & staying sober and attending AA. He recognized
the detrimental effect that his drinking had on his life and others close to him. And through support, was
able to abstain from drinking alcohol the last 30+ years of his life. He enjoyed fishing, biking, spending
time in nature, chats with family or neighbor, and a good cribbage game every now and then. After
retiring, he moved in with his dad in Mound to help him as his dad began to have health issues. Ron had
many health issues over the last decade of his life that resulted in hospital, clinic, rehab, emergency
room visits, and eventually an extended assisted living facility stay. Through it all, he didn’t complain
much and often tried to lighten various situations with his sense of humor. He will be missed.

Ron was preceded in death by his parents Harry & Ethel Larson and his sister, Barb Bakken. He is survived
by his daughter, Dawn (Brad Frost) and granddaughter, Nicole.